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100 Indonesian Verbs - Pt. 4

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produksi, memproduksi
to produce
foto, memfoto
to take a photo
panggil, memanggil
to call
bangun, membangun
to wake up, to rise, to build
letak, meletakkan
to put
peluk, memeluk
to hug
cuci, mencuci
to wash
jaga, menjaga
to take care of, to look after
tari, menari
to dance
pancing, memancing
to fish
toleh, menoleh
to look around, to turn around
periksa, memeriksa
to check, to inspect
hukum, menghukum
to sentence, to condemn
isi, mengisi
to fill, to charge
eja, mengeja
to spell
obrol, mengobrol
to chat
simpan, menyimpan
to keep, to store
sita, menyita
to confiscate, to seize
bom, mengebom
to bomb
mulai, memulai
to start, to begin
ketuk, mengetuk
to knock
geleng, menggeleng
to shake
buang, membuang
to throw away, to discard
caci, mencaci
to insult
kira, mengira
to think, to guess