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More Irregular Verbs II

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dove dived
to dive
dreamt dreamt
to dream
dwelt dwelt
to dwell
fit fit
to fit (be right size)
fled fled
to flee
flung flung
to fling
forecast forecast
to forecast
forewent foregone
to forego (also forgo)
foresaw foreseen
to foresee
foretold foretold
to foretell
forsook forsaken
to forsake
frostbit frostbitten
to frostbite
ground ground
to grind
hand-fed hand-fed
to hand-feed
handwrote handwritten
to handwrite
hung hung
to hang
hewed hewn
to hew
inbred inbred
to inbreed
inlaid inlaid
to inlay
input input
to input