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misled misled
to mislead
mislearnt mislearnt
to mislearn
misread misread
to misread
misset misset
to misset
misspoke misspoken
to misspeak
misspelt misspelt
to misspell
misspent misspent
to misspend
mistook mistaken
to mistake
mistaught mistaught
to misteach
misunderstood misunderstood
to misunderstand
miswrote miswritten
to miswrite
mowed mown
to mow
offset offset
to offset
outbid outbid
to outbid
outbred outbred
to outbreed
outdid outdone
to outdo
outdrew outdrawn
to outdraw
outdrank outdrunk
to outdrink
outdrove outdriven
to outdrive
outfought outfought
to outfight