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outwrote outwritten
to outwrite
overbid overbid
to overbid
overbred overbred
to overbreed
overbuilt overbuilt
to overbuild
overbought overbought
to overbuy
overcame overcome
to overcome
overdid overdone
to overdo
overdrew overdrawn
to overdraw
overdrank overdrunk
to overdrink
overate overeaten
to overeat
overfed overfed
to overfeed
overhung overhung
to overhang
overheard overheard
to overhear
overlaid overlaid
to overlay
overpaid overpaid
to overpay
overrode overridden
to override
overran overrun
to overrun
oversaw overseen
to oversee
oversold oversold
to oversell
oversewed oversewn
to oversew