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More Irregular Verbs VII

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overshot overshot
to overshoot
overslept overslept
to oversleep
overspoke overspoken
to overspeak
overspent overspent
to overspend
overspilt overspilt
to overspill
overtook overtaken
to overtake
overthought overthought
to overthink
overthrew overthrown
to overthrow
overwound overwound
to overwind
overwrote overwritten
to overwrite
partook partaken
to partake
pled pled
to plead
prebuilt prebuilt
to prebuild
predid predone
to predo
premade premade
to premake
prepaid prepaid
to prepay
presold presold
to presell
preset preset
to preset
preshrank preshrunk
to preshrink
proofread proofread
to proofread