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proved proven
to prove
quick-froze quick-frozen
to quick-freeze
reawoke reawoken
to reawake
rebid rebid
to rebid
rebound rebound
to rebind
rebroadcast rebroadcast
to rebroadcast
rebuilt rebuilt
to rebuild
recast recast
to recast
recut recut
to recut
redealt redealt
to redeal
redid redone
to redo
redrew redrawn
to redraw
refit refit
to refit (replace parts)
reground reground
to regrind
regrew regrown
to regrow
rehung rehung
to rehang
reheard reheard
to rehear
reknit reknit
to reknit
relaid relaid
to relay (for example tiles)
relayed relayed
to relay (pass along) REGULAR