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Irregular Verbs: Practice IX

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has she read
_______ she _______ the newspaper today? [read]
has he washed
_______ he _______ his clothes today? [soaps]
has already drunk
he _______ already _______ wine today. [saws]
have already drunk
I _______ already _______ beer today. [saws]
worked out
he _______ yesterday. [I am doing exercises / swinging]
have you washed
_______ you _______ my clothes today? [soaps]
he _______ his teeth yesterday. [cleaning]
have you worked out
_______ you _______ today? [I am doing exercises / swinging]
have they done
_______ they _______ their homework today? [do]
have already had breakfast
they _______ already _______ today. [breakfast]
got up
I _______ at eight o'clock yesterday. [rose]
she _______ her clothes yesterday. [soap]
did you watch
_______ you _______ TV yesterday? [I am watching]
hasn't washed
he _______ his clothes yet today. [did not wash]
had lunch
we _______ yesterday. [dinner]
did he read
_______ he _______ a magazine yesterday? [I read]
got dressed
he _______ half an hour ago. [dressing]
have you bought
_______ you _______ bread today? [I bought]
hasn't washed
she _______ the dishes yet today. [no soap]
haven't drunk
I _______ wine yet today. [not drink]
did she buy
_______ she _______ milk yesterday? [I bought]
haven't had breakfast
I _______ yet today. [no breakfast]
did they take
_______ they _______ a shower yesterday? [taking]
have already bought
they _______ already _______ milk today. [Bought]
haven't had lunch
we _______ yet today. [not dinner]
he _______ at home yesterday. [resting]
we _______ our clothes yesterday. [wash]
got dressed
she _______ half an hour ago. [dressing]
got up
they _______ at seven o'clock yesterday. [rose]
I _______ a shower yesterday. [taking]
they _______ the car yesterday. [wash]
they _______ housework yesterday. [do]
hasn't had lunch
he _______ yet today. [no dinner]
didn't read
I _______ the newspaper yesterday. [I do not read]
they _______ their hands yesterday. [wash]
didn't buy
we _______ milk yesterday. [not bought]
got dressed
they _______ half an hour ago. [dressing]
had lunch
they _______ yesterday. [dinner]
hasn't read
he _______ a book yet today. [I do not read]
did they have breakfast
_______ they _______ yesterday? [breakfast]
have they had breakfast
_______ they _______ today? [breakfast]
I _______ groceries yesterday. [I bought]
we _______ breakfast yesterday. [prepared]
have already had breakfast
we _______ already _______ today. [breakfast]
has she read
_______ she _______ a magazine today? [read]
worked out
she _______ yesterday. [I did the exercises / swinging]
has he bought
_______ he _______ milk today? [I bought]
have you washed
_______ you _______ your hands today? [soaps]
didn't drink
she _______ coffee yesterday. [not drink]
had dinner
he _______ yesterday. [dinner]