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Irregular Verbs: Sentences: Practice I

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Do you say your vocabulary every day?
I said my vocabulary yesterday.
I make coffee every morning
Yesterday, I made tea instead of coffee.
I go to work at 7 am
Yesterday, I went to work at 7:30.
Do you take vitamins?
I took my vitamins yesterday morning.
My husband usually comes home around 6 pm
Yesterday, he was late and came home at 6:35.
Normally we see my parents once a month
But last month, we saw them two times.
I know you like chocolate
I bought you chocolate because I knew you liked chocolate!
Sometimes I get home around 6:15
Yesterday, I got home at 6:35.
Normally I give my wife flowers for her birthday
Last year, I gave her a dozen roses for her birthday.
Normally, I find comedies funny
I found the film last night was very funny.