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Irregular Verbs: Sentences: Practice II

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Most people think computers are useful
In the past, people thought computers were only for smart people.
Please don't tell my secret!
My friend told my secret to someone, and now I am angry.
I become angry when there is a lot of traffic
Yesterday the traffic was bad, and I became angry.
They normally show the students where the books are
They showed the new students where the books are.
Sometimes I leave work around 3 pm
But yesterday, I left at 5 o'clock.
How do you feel?
Yesterday, I felt ill.
Can you please put on your coat?
I put on my coat yesterday because it was cold.
Can you please bring some beer to the party?
I brought some beer to the party.
When does the class begin?
My class began at 6:00 p.m. yesterday.
Sometimes I keep the wrapping paper from presents
The wrapping paper was nice, so I kept it to use again.
Children often hold on to their mother's hand to cross the street
The child held her mother's hand while they crossed the street.
I normally write three emails a day
Yesterday, I wrote 17 emails!
Sometimes at the grocery store, I stand in line for 20 minutes
Yesterday, I stood in line at the cinema for 30 minutes.
Do you hear the bird outside?
I heard a bird outside last night.
Don't let go of your balloon!
Why did you let go of your balloon at the park yesterday?