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Irregular Verbs: Sentences: Practice III

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Please set the table for dinner
Last night, I set the table for dinner.
Where did you meet him?
I met him at the park last week.
Do you run every day?
Yesterday I ran three miles.
Can I pay with credit card?
I paid with credit card at the restaurant on Friday.
May I sit here?
A nice man sat next to me on the bus.
Can you please speak with the teacher?
I spoke with the teacher after class about my homework.
I like to lie in the sun
Yesterday I lay in the sun for two hours.
Can you please lead the group in singing?
I led the group in singing the Christmas carol.
I like to read books
Yesterday, I read 15 pages in my book.
Flowers can grow very fast in the summer
The sunflowers grew very fast after the rain.
Don't lose your keys!
Last night I lost my keys, and now I can't get into my car.
It's easy to fall on the ice
Yesterday I fell on the ice and hit my head.
I like to send Christmas cards every December
Last year, I sent 20 Christmas cards.
They are going to build a new apartment complex
In Berlin, they built a new apartment complex near the river.
Do you understand?
I understood what the teacher said.
Sharon draws very nice pictures
Sharon drew a picture of a horse.
If you drop a plate, it can break
Yesterday I dropped a plate, and it broke.
How much time do you spend in the garden?
On the weekend, we spent five hours in the garden.
Can I cut your hair?
My sister cut my hair yesterday, and now it look awful!
The sun rises in the summer around 5 am
Yesterday, the sun rose at 5:15 a.m.
Do you drive to work?
Yesterday, I drove to work.
I like to buy chocolate bars
Yesterday, I bought three chocolate bars.
What do you like to wear to the beach?
I wore a bikini to the beach yesterday.
Can I choose the color for my new bedroom?
I chose the color pink for my new bedroom.