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ah’ll gie ye a skelpit lug!
i'll give you a slap on the ear
Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!
What’s meant to happen will happen!
Keep the heid!
stay calm, dont get upset
We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns!
We're all God's children
ne'er cast a clout til may be out
Never throw out your winter clothes til the end of may
black as the Earl of hell's waistcoat
pitch black
yer aff yer heid
You're a little bit daft
Dinna test the depth o' the burn wi bath feet
be careful when trying new things
dinnae teach yer granny tae suck eggs
Don't teach someone something they already know
Never show yer teeth unless ye can bite
Don't make threats you can't follow out
yer gey peely wally looking
You're not looking very well
Better keep the devil at the door than have tae turn 'I'm oot
be careful of strangers
It's niver lost what a freend gets
What you give to a friend isn't lost to you
dae ye think a button up the back
stop talking nonsense
dinnae fash!
Don't worry
see-uz ma bumpers
Pass me my slippers
yer bumps oot the windae
You're just messing about
check oot his shang-a-langs!
Looks at his flared trousers!
whit dae ye think ah came up the Clyde in?
Do you think im stupid?
feart? nah, ah'm nae feart!
scared? I'm not scared!
yer like a hauf shut knife
You look depressed
ye cannae whack it!
You can't beat it!
ah'm fair scunnered
I'm quite irritated
gonna no dae that
stop it
ye make a better door than a windae
Your blocking my view
yer talking mince
You're talking rubbish
It's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht
It's a nice bright moonlit night tonight
fa's yer doos?
how are you doing?
be happy while yer livin', cuz yer a lang time deid!
Enjoy today because life is short
awa an bile yer heid!
Don't be so stupid
och wheesht and get oan wae it
Oh be quiet and get on with it
Mony a mickle maks a muckle
look after the pennies and the pounds'll look after themselves
Lang may yer lum reek
i wish you well for the future
Guid gear comes in sma’ bulk
good things come in small packages
haud yer wheesht!
be quiet!!
yer ayways at the coo's tail
hurry up!
A pritty face suits the dish-cloot
if you have a pretty face, it doesn't matter what you wear
Awa' an bile yer heid
get lost/forget it
Ah dinnae ken!
I don't know!
haggis, neaps, and tatties
haggis, turnips and potatoes
yer a blethering skyte
you're a chatterbox
wer havin a wee blether
we're having a little chat