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Diet and metabolic rate

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This provides you with energy so you can do things
Balanced diet
This helps to keep you healthy, it should provide you with the right amount of energy and nothing more
You need these to release energy
You need these to keep you warm and release energy
You need these for growth, cell repair and cell replacement
You need this to keep everything moving smoothly through your digestive system
Vitamins and minerals
You need these to keep your skin, bones, blood generally healthy
Energy requirements
This can vary depending on how active a person is and what genetic factors they have picked up. Muscle needs more energy than fat, when you exercise you need more energy
This fuels chemical reactions in your body that keep you alive
This related to the chemical reaction in your body
Metabolic rate
This is the speed that reactions in your body happen. This varies with different people, people more fat have a higher version of this
Gender differences
Men tend to have a slightly higher metabolic rate then women due to men being larger and more muscular
Genetic factors
These can effect your metabolic rate
Regular Exercise
This can help boost your metabolic rate because it builds muscle
Increasing metabolic rate
Your metabolic rate goes up when you are exercising, it will stay high for a while after you have finished exercising
Activity levels
If you do less activity you're going to need less energy, so less fat and carbohydrate in your diet