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Plant hormones

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Plants have these as well as humans, they help the plant to grow in useful directions. An example is Auxin
This controls the growth near the tips of shoots of plants. It is responsive to light, gravity and moisture. It promotes growth in a shoot but prohibits growth of a root
Auxin production
This happens in the tips of plants and moves backwards to stimulate the cell elongation process which occurs in the cells just behind the tip
Removal of a tip
This can lead to the plant not having any auxin which can cause the shoot to stop growing
When a tip is exposed to the predominantly on one side more auxin will grow in the shade causing that side to grow faster so it bends towards this
When a shoot grows sideways this will cause more auxin to be on the lower side so shoots will bend upwards and roots will bend downwards
More auxin is produce on the side where this is available, this inhibits the growth of roots on that side so the roots bend towards this
This uses plant hormones as these hormones can be extracted or artificially made
Weed killers
Most weeds are broad leaved so selective versions of this can be designed to only affect broad leaved plants. They can disrupt their growing patterns and kill them without harming the crops
These cannot always grow in soil so have to have rooting powder that contains auxin to allow them to grow. This allows cloning to happen so you can make copies of a really good plant quickly