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This is the body's methods of maintaining a 'constant internal environment'
Body levels that need controlling
These are ion content, water content, sugar content and temperature
Ion content
This is regulated by the kidneys, the needed amount of ions are reabsorbed and the excess ions leave your body in urine. Ions are lost in sweat and gained in food
Water loss
This happens through sweat, breath and urine
Water gain
This happens through food and drink
Cold day without exercise
You don't sweat as much so you produce more pale urine
Hot day with exercise
You sweat a lot so you produce less urine and it is more concentrated
This is controlled by the brain. Your brain is sensitive to the temperature of the blood in your brain and the temperature of your skin
These work best in the human body at 37 degrees
Blood sugar levels
Eating more food puts more glucose in the blood. Your metabolism of cells removes glucose from the body. If you do more exercise more glucose is removed. The hormone insulin maintains these levels within the body