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These alter what goes on in your body. Some drugs can cause your body to become adicted
Your body
It is essentially a mass of chemical reaction - drugs can interfere with these reactions
Physical withdrawal symptoms
These are very unpleasant and are caused by the body not being provided with a drug it is addicted to
Medicinal drugs
These are really useful, like antibiotics. Some you need to be superscripted to have and others you don't. All of these kind of drugs can be dangerous if misused
Recreational drugs
These are used for fun and can be legal or illegal
Performance-enhancing drugs
These improve a persons performance in sport, they have health and ethical impacts. They can have negative effects and some are banned by law
Anabolic steroids
These increase muscle size
These increase heart rate
For performance-enhancing drugs
Athletes have the right to make their own descitions about taking drugs and the risks involved, drug-free sport isn't really fair anyway as people use different styles, coaches and equipment
Against performance-enhancing drugs
It isn't fair for people to gain an advantage by taking drugs, athletes may not be fully informed of the serious health risks that are involved with the drugs they are taking
Claims about drugs need to be looked at critically
They are prescribed drugs, they lower the risk of heart and ciculatory disease, they lower blood cholesterol, they were tested well with a 6000 patient sample
This is an illegal drug, it causes mental health problems, no-one is sure exactly what it does