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Recreational drugs

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Recreational drugs
These are just for fun but come with serious risks
Soft and hard drugs
This is the classing for recreational drugs. These terms are a bit vague
Hard drugs
These are thought of as being seriously addictive and more harmful
Heroin, ecstasy and cannabis
These all cause heart and circulatory system problems
It is most commonly used for simple enjoyment, relaxation and stress relief. It is also used for getting stoned and inspirations.
Stepping stone
Cannabis can be seen as this as it causes a desire to try harder drugs
Gateway drug
Cannabis can be seen as this as it allows contact to start with a drug dealer
Legal drugs
Examples of these are tobacco and alcohol and they have a massive impact on people and society
This causes disease of the lungs, heart and blood vessels, it can cause cancer and the nicotine is addictive. In most areas it is much more harmful to you than most illegal drugs.
It slows down the bodies reactions - it can lead to impaired judgement, poor coordination and unconsciousness, it can cause liver damage and bring damage, it is also addictive
They spend a lot on treating people who have problems due to legal drugs, they both cause economic disadvantages due to work days missed