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Factors affecting health

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Being healthy
This means you are free of diseases
Unbalanced diet
Your health is affected if you have this
People are this if they have a badly out of balance diet. These people can be thin or fat, or unhealthy in other ways
Eating too much can lead to this. It is a common disorder in developed countries. It is when you are 20% or over the recommended body mass
Lead-ups to obesity
Hormonal problems can cause obesity. However, the main causes are bad diet, overeating and lack of exercise
Common side-effects of obesity
The problems that can arise can include arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also lead to risk of some kinds of cancer
Saturated fat
Too much of this increases your blood cholesterol
Too much of this can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems
This can cause health problems. It is common in developing countries. The effects can vary depending on what foods are missing from the diet
Common problems of under-nutrition
Slow growth in children, fatigue, poor resistance to infection and irregular periods in women
Deficiency diseases
These are caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals
Vitamin C deficiency
This causes scurvy which causes problems with skin, joints and gums
This is very important in the diet. People who do this regularly are healthier. It increases the energy used in the body and decreases the amount stored as fat. It also builds muscle and boosts your metabolic rate
This can change through genetic factors and environmental factors e.g. how active your job is
Inherited factor
This can affect your metabolic rate. It can also causes an under-active thyroid gland which can lower your metabolic rate and cause obesity. Another example of this is your blood cholesterol levels
This is a fatty substance that is essential for health. However too much of this can increase the risk of heart disease