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This is creating an identical copy. It can be done in several different ways
This is a way to clone plants. It is a technique used by gardeners for generations. The plants can be produced quickly and cheaply
Tissue culture
This is a way to clone plants, it is where a few plant cells are put into a growth medium with hormones so they can grow into clones of the parent plant. This needs little space and can be done quickly.
Embryo transplants
Farmers can produce cloned offspring from their best bull and cow doing this. Sperm cells are taken from the prize bull and egg cells from the prize cow. The sperm cells are then artificially used to grow a fetus inside a surrogate mother.
Adult cell cloning
This consists or taking an unfertilised egg and removing the nucleus and replacing it with an adult body cell and then stimulating the egg by giving it an electric shock to make it divide like a normal cell.
This is the name of the first ever cloned animal - ..... the sheep.
Cons of cloning
It causes a reduced gene pool (which could cause the population trouble if an infection comes along and the allele to kill it off it no longer present), the cloned animal may not be as healthy
Pros of cloning
It could lead to a greater understanding of an embryo, ageing and age related disorders, and could be used to protect an endangered species