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Genetic engineering

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Genetic engineering
This is where scientists change an organisms genes to alter its characteristics. It is done by using enzymes to cut and paste genes
GM bacteria
This is the way that scientists are creating human insulin
GM crops
These are modified to be resistant to viruses, insects or herbicides
These have been genetically modified to produce substances in their milk that can treat human diseases
Cystic fibrosis
This is a disease caused by faulty genes that scientists are trying to treat using genetic modification
Gene therapy
This is the name given to the treatment for cystic fibrosis where genes are altered to rid the disease from the body
Long term worries
That GM will change the persons genes and create unplanned problems that could be passed to future generations
Cons of GM crops
It reduces farmland biodiversity, people could form allergies, it could create a super-weed
Pros of GM crops
It increases yield so there is more food, they can contain vitamins that people in developing countries can lack and they haven't caused a problem yet