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Evaluating food, lifestyle and diet

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Exam preparation
For the exam you will need to be able to compare and comment on food through their labels. You may also be asked to evaluate information about how lifestyles effect health
How you live your life; what you do and what you eat
If someone eats too much fat or carbohydrates and does not do lots of exercise they are at risk of this
Slimming claims
There are loads of products that have these, or programs that have these but they are not always scientifically proven to be true.Some claims may be true but misleading
The claims must be product of a scientific study. They have to be published by a qualified person, they must have a large reliable sample and there should be evidence of a similar study having the same results.
Common promotions
This is normally done by saying a celebrity has tried this product and their opinions. The effectiveness of this product on one person does not make it reliable
Losing weight
All you need to do to do this is to eat/take in less energy then what you use up in your daily lifestyle
Successful products
Diet and slimming products only work if they promote you to eat less fat or carbohydrate or do more exercise