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Fighting disease - vaccination

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These have change the way we fight diseases. They allow us to prevent illness before it happens. They protect us against future infections. They consist of injecting a small amount of a dead or inactive micro-organism that will still carry the antigens so your body can learn how to produce antibodies that will fight it
When this happens your white blood cells can take a few days to learn how to deal with this; this is the time period that you feel ill for.
MMR vaccination
This contains weakened versions of the viruses measles, mumps and rubella all in one vaccine solution
If a live version of the bacteria that you have been vaccinated comes into contact with you, you are unlikely to be harmed as your body can mass produce the antibodies need to do this to you
This can cause vaccinations to 'wear off'; therefore booster injections may be needed to increase levels of antibodies once more
Pros of vaccinations
Vaccinations have helped control lots of infectious diseases that were once common in the UK
This is an illness that was once very common in the UK which now no longer occurs due to vaccinations
Polio infections
This has dropped by 99% in the UK due to vaccinations
Large outbreaks of diseases
Epidemic prevention
This is what happens if a large percentage of the population is vaccinated against a specific pathogen
Cons of vaccinations
Vaccinations don't always work and people can have reactions to them (though this is rare)