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Synapses and reflexes

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They transmit information very quickly
This quickly decides how to respond to the stimulus
These connect neurones. The nerve signal will diffuse over this and then the chemicals set off a new electrical signal in the new neurone
These are really quick and prevent injury, there are automatic responses to certain stimuli
Bright light stimuli
Your pupils automatically get smaller as to stop your eye becoming damaged when this happens
Shock stimuli
This causes your body to secret the hormone adrenaline automatically
Reflex arc
The passage of information from the receptor to the effector. It goes through the central nervous system. The neurones involved in theis go through the spinal chord or an unconscious part of the brain
Stimulus detection
This causes impulses to be carried along the sensory neurones to the central nervous system
Relay neurones
These are in your central nervous system (in the spinal chord or the brain) and connect the sensory neurones and the motor neurones with a synapse
Motor neurones
These connect your relay neurones with the effector glands or muscles
Muscle effectors
They contract when they get a nervous electrical impulse from the motor neurones