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The layers of gases/air around us
The layer of water
A dark coloured volcanic rock. Molten ______ spreads rapidly and is widespread. Found in oceanic crust.
A low density igneous rock found in continental crust
The very thin layer of living things on the crust
The upper part of the Earth’s mantle where the rocks are more fluid
Convection Currents
Circulating movements of the magma in the mantle caused by the heat of the core
The size of an earthquake
Oceanic Crust
Part of the crust made from dense basaltic rocks
Plate Margin
Boundary between 2 tectonic plates
Forecasting future changes
The way in which people react to a situation e.g. an earthquake
Tectonic Hazards
Threats posed by earthquakes, volcanoes etc
Central part of the Earth consisting of a solid inner core made of iron and a more fluid outer core made of nickel
Continental Crust
Part of the crust made from less dense granitic rocks
Primary Effects
Immediate effects or impacts of a disaster e.g. mud flows, lava flows
Secondary Effects
The after effects of a disaster e.g. disease spreads due to dirty water, loss of economy due to destruction of businesses