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Climate and Change Keywords

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Climate Change
Long-term changes in temperature and precipitation
The chopping down and removal of trees to clear and area of forest
A community of plants and animals that interact with each other and their physical environment
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
The increased greenhouse effect resulting from human action (emission of greenhouse gases) and leading to global warming
Geological Climate Events
Climate changes that result from major geological events such as volcanic eruptions
Global Warming
A trend whereby global temperatures rise over time, linked in modern times with the human production of greenhouse gases
Greenhouse gases
Those gases in the atmosphere that absorb outgoing radiation, hence increasing the temperature of the atmosphere
Ice Age
A period in the earth’s past when the polar ice caps were much larger than today
Little ice Age
A period of slight global cooling that lasted from around the mid-15th Century to the mid- 19th Century
‘big animals’ which mostly weighed over 40kg e.g. Woolly mammoth and sabre-tooth cat
Natural causes
Processes and forces that are not controlled by humans
Orbital Changes
Changes in the pathway of the Earth around the sun and the tilt on its axis
Quaternary Period
The most recent geological period of the Earth’s history
Solar Output
The energy emitted from the sun
Layer of air 10-50km about the Earth’s surface
Food Chains
Plants and animals are linked together and dependence on each other for food
Species of plant or animal dying out completely
Gradual change of the land into desert