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Section 13 to 15 - Meeting People (phrases)

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Kaila ka ba niya?
Do you know him?
Kaila ka ba sa maestra?
Do you know the teacher?
Kaila ba diay kamo sa misyonero?
Why, do you know the missionary?
Kaila ba siya niining tawhana?
Does he(she) know this man?
Oo, kaila ko siya
yes, I know him
wala ko makaila niya
I don’t know him
nalimtan ko ang iyang ngalan
I forgot his name
Kanus-a ka man magtuon ug Cebuano?
When are you going to study Cebuano?
Kanus-a man magtuon ug Cebuano ang misyonero?
When is the missionary going to study Cebuano?
Kanus-a man magtuon ug Cebuano ang Aleman?
When is the German going to study Cebuano?
sa sunod bulan
next month
dili ko magtuon ug Cebuano
i’m not going to study Cebuano
Mga Panamilit
Sige, moadto na ko
I’m going now
Sige, molakaw na mi
We’re going now
Magkita ta ugma
See you tomorrow
Magkita sa Domingo
See you on Sunday
Daghang salamat
Thank you
Sige, pag-ayo-ayo
Okay, take care
ugma, ha?
see you
Walay sapayan
Don’t mention it