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Section 16 - Asking for Directions (phrases)

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Asa ang sinihan?
Where’s the moviehouse?
Asa ang tindahan?
Where’s the store?
Asa ang merkado?
Where’s the market?
Asa ang hotel?
Where’s the hotel?
Asa ang hospital?
Where’s the hospital?
Asa ang bangko?
Where’s the bank?
Asa ang terminal sa bus para Davao?
Where’s the bus station for Davao?
Asa ang restawran?
Where’s the restaurant?
Asa ang kasilyas?
Where’s the toilet?
Asa ang opisina sa mayor?
Where’s the mayor’s office?
Asa ang munisipyo?
Where’s the town hall?
Asa ang kapitolyo?
Where’s the provincial capitol?