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Section 17 to 23 - Asking What or Who (phrases)

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Nag-unsa ka man?
What are you doing?
Nag-unsa man siya?
What is she/he doing
Nag-unsa man kamo?
What are you doing?
Nag-unsa man sila?
What are they doing?
Nag-unsa man ang maestra?
What is the teacher doing?
Unsay imong ngalan?
What’s your name?
Unsay ngalan sa bata?
What’s the child’s name?
Unsay binisaya niini?
What’s this in Cebuano?
Unsay oras naba?
What time is it now?
Unsa may ato?
What can I do for you?
Unsa man kini?
What is this?
Unsa man kana?
What is that?
Unsa kadtong balaya?
What house is that?
Unsang orasa siya moabot?
What time is she coming?
Unsang adlawa ang kasal?
What day is the wedding?
Unsang bulana ang pista?
What month is the feast?
Kinsa kanang tawhana?
Who’s that man?
Kinsa kini?
Who’s this?
Kinsay moabot?
Who is coming?
Kinsay nagtuon?
Who is studying?
Kinsay iyang mga higala?
Who are his/her friends?
Kinsang apohana?
Which grandparent?
Kinsang doktora?
Which doctor?