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Section 24 to 29 - Polite Expressions (phrases)

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Mahimo bang mangutana?
Can I ask you a question?
Mahimo mogamit sa telepono?
Can I use the telephone?
Palihug ra kog hatag kaniya niini
Please give this to her/him
Palihug rag palit ug isda sa merkado
Please buy fish in the market (for me)
Palihug rag tawag sa akong higala
Please call my friend
Gikasubo ko
I’m sorry
Gikasubo ko nga nahitabo kini
I’m sorry that this happened.
Pasayloa ako
Forgive me
Pasayloa siya
Forgive him/her
Pasayloa sila
Forgive them
Pasayloa kami
Forgive us
Pasayloa na lang ang imong igsoon
Just forgive your brother/sister
Dawata ang among pahalipay
Accept our congratulations
Tabi usa ikaw ba si Jun?
Excuse me are you Jun?
Dawata ang among pahasubo
Accept our condolences
Tabi usa mahimo bang mangutana?
Excuse me can I ask you a question?