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Section 1 to 3 - Meeting People (phrases)

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Maayong buntag kanimo
Good morning to you
Maayong hapon kaninyong tanan
Good afternoon to all of you
Maayong gabii Nong
Good evening Sir
Maayong gabii Nang
Good evening Ma’am
Maayong gabii Day
Good evening Miss
Maayong gabii Dong
Good evening Young Man
Maayong buntag sab kanimo
Good morning also to you
Maayong hapon sab kaninyo
Good afternoon also to you
Maayong gabii sab Nong
Good evening also to you, Sir
Unsay imong ngalan?
What’s your name?
Unsa may iyang ngalan?
What’s his/her name?
Unsa may ngalan sa maestra?
What’s the teacher’s name?
Unsa man diay imong ngalan?
By the way, what’s your name?
Unsa man diay ngalan sa imong amahan?
By the way, what’s your father’s name?
Kumusta ka?
How are you?
Kumusta kamo?
How are you (all)?
Kumusta ang imong igsoon?
How’s your brother/sister?
Kumusta ang inyong inahan?
How’s your mother?
Kumusta si Mark?
How’s Mark?
Kumusta sila ni Rose?
How are Rose and the others?
Kumusta ang inyong trabaho?
How’s your work?
Kumusta ang ilang negosyo?
How’s their business?
Maayo man
Okay lang
May problema lagi siya
She has a problem