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Section 70 to 71 - Time & Dates

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on the dot
ala una
its one o'clock
ala una y media
its half past one
ala una traynta
its one thirty
alas dos
its two o'clock
alas dos kinse
its two fifteen
alas tres kwarenta
its three fourty
alas kwatro singko
its five past four
alas singko dyis
its ten past five
alas sais baynte dos
its six twenty-two
alas siete singkwenta
its seven fifty
menos diyes para alas otso
its ten to eight
alas otso impunto
its eight o'clock sharp
alas nwebe onse
its eleven past nine
alas dyis traintaysingko
its ten thirty-five
alas onse kwarentaydos
its eleven-fourty-two
alas dose sa tungang gabii
its twelve midnight
Unsay petsa karon?
What’s the date today?
Unsang petsaha siya moabot?
What date is he coming?
Unsang petsaha ang kasal?
What date is the wedding?
Unsang petsaha ang imong kaadlawan?
What date is your birthday?
Petsa dos
The second
Sa petsa baynte
On the 20th
Petsa traynta
The 30th
Petsa baynte-singko
The 25th