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Section 77 to 81 - Adjectives

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bag-o daan
old new
barato mahal
cheap expensive
daghan gamay
plenty few
dako gamay
big small
duol layo
near far
gwapa/gwapo pangit
pretty/handsome ugly
init tugnaw
hot cold
kugihan tapulan
industrious lazy
kusgan luya
strong weak
luag piot
loose tight
maayo daotan
good bad
malipayon masulob-on
happy sad
nindot maut
nice ugly
niwang tambok
thin fat
taas mubo
tall short
Kusgan si Juan
Juan is strong
Gwapa ang iyang inahan
His mother is pretty
Gamay pa ang imong anak
Your child is still small
Mahal kaayo ang pagkaon
Food is very expensive
Tambok ang mga bata
The children are fat
Barato kanang libroha
That book is cheap
Bag-o pa kini
This is still new
Tapulan ang estudyante
The student is lazy
Niwang pa sila si Nena ug Ana
Nena and Ana are still thin
Niwang si Elma
Elma is thin
Mas niwang si Rosa kay kang Elma
Rosa is thinner than Elma
Barato ang isda
Fish is cheap
Mas barato ang isda kay sa karne
Fish is cheaper than meat
Kusgan siya
He is strong
Mas kusgan siya kay kanako
He’s stronger than me
Nindot kana
That’s nice
Mas nindot kana kay niini
That’s nicer than this
Si Lingling ang labing tambok kanato
Lingling is the fattest among us
Kamo ang labing maayo
You are the best
Kining awtoha ang pinakakusog
This car is the fastest
Ang maestra ang pinakatapulan
The teacher is the laziest
Si Gloria ang pinakaniwang kanila
Gloria is the thinnest among them
Ang lubi ang pinakataas niini
The coconut is the tallest
Ang karne ang pinakamahal
The meat is the most expensive
Ang doktor ang labing kugihan kanila
The doctor is the most industrious among them