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Section 86 to 88 - Common Expressions

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it’s here
nia ra!
it’s here
tua kang
it’s with
wala pa
not yet
wala na
no more
walay tawo
there’s nobody
Ambot lang
I don’t know
Dili ko sigurado
I’m not sure
Come in
Nakakaon ka na ba?
Have you eaten yet?
Come here
Gusto mo ba kini?
Do you like this?
Mangaon ta.
Let’s eat now
Let’s go!
Lain ang akong paminaw
I feel bad
Lain ang akong lawas
I don’t feel well
Nagdaot ako
I’m sick
Sakit ang akong ulo/tiyan
I have a headache/stomachache
Nagsip-on/nag-ubo ako
I have colds/cough
Sakit ang akong ngipon
My tooth is aching
Gikapoy na ako
I’m tired already
Gigutom/giuhaw ako
I’m hungry/thirsty
Katulgon na ko
I’m sleepy now
Kalipungon ko
I’m dizzy
Dili ko makaginhawa
I can’t breathe
ambi kana
give me that
ambi ang libro
give me the book
ambi ang akong kape
give me my coffee
ambi ang gatas sa bata
give me the child’s milk
ambi kanang lapis
give me that pencil
ambi ang ilang awto
give me their car
ambi ang inyong pagkaon
give me your food
ambi ang iyang papel
give me his/her paper
ambi ang imong kwarta
give me your money