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Katulgon na ko
I’m sleepy now
katulgon pa ako
i’m still sleepy
katulgon ka na ba?
are you sleepy now?
katulgon siya dili ba?
she’s sleepy isn’t she?
kinsay katulgon
who’s sleepy?
nganong katulgon man sila?
why are they sleepy?
katulgon kaayo kami
we are very sleepy
dili na sila katulgon
they’re not sleepy anymore
matulog na kami
we’re going to sleep
gusto mo na bang matulog?
would you like to sleep now?
katulog na kamo
you go to sleep now
gigutom kaayo ko
i’m very hungry
gigutom pa sila
they’re still hungry
wala na siya gigutom
he’s not hungry anymore
gigutom ba ang mga bisita?
are the guests hungry?
wala pa kami gigutom
we’re not hungry yet
walay gigutom
nobody is hungry
pila kaninyo ang gigutom
how many of you are hungry?
kinsay gigutom
who’s hungry?
gigutom ang akong mga anak
my children are hungry
luya sila kay gutom
they’re weak because of hunger
gigutom na ang maestra
the teacher is hungry now
nahadlok sila kanimo
they’re afraid of you
nganong mahadlok man sila kanako?
why are they afraid of me?
mahadlok ka ba sa iro?
are you afraid of dogs?
nganong nahadlok man ang mga tawo?
why are the people afraid?
wala ako mahadlok kang bisan kinsa
i’m not afraid of anybody
wala sila mahadlok kanato
they’re not afraid of us
ayaw kahadlok sa bagyo
don’t be afraid of the storm
ayaw kahadlok
fear not
nahadlok ba kita kanila?
are we afraid of them?
gihigugma ka niya
she loves you
gihigugma niya ang iyang bana
she loves her husband
wala siya mahigugma kaniya
he doesn’t love her
gihigugma mo ba ako?
do you love me?
gihigugma namo ang Pilipinas
we love the Philippines
higugmaon ko ikaw sa kanunay
I will always love you
nahigugma ako
i’m in love
wala siya mahigugma kanimo
she doesn’t love you
maghigugmaay kita
let’s love one another
nagkahigugmaay sila
they love each other