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Section 7 to 9 - Meeting People (phrases)

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Asa ka man nagpuyo?
Where do you live?
Asa nagpuyo ang imong higala?
Where does your friend live?
Asa nagpuyo ang imong maestra?
Where does your teacher live?
Asa man sila nagpuyo?
Where do they live?
Asa man kamo nagpuyo?
Where do you live?
Asa nagpuyo si Carla?
Where does Carla live?
Asa nagpuyo ang misyonero?
Where does the missionary live?
Pilay imong edad?
How old are you?
Pilay edad sa ilang amahan?
How old is their father?
Pilay edad sa ilang apohan?
How old is their grandfather?
Pilay edad sa estudyante?
How old is the student?
Pilay edad sa iyang anak?
How old is his child?
napulo ka tuig
ten years old
kwarenta ka tuig
forty years old
Unsay imong trabaho?
What’s your job?
Unsay trabaho sa imong papa?
What’s the job of your father?
Unsa may iyang trabaho?
What’s his/her job?
Unsa man diay inyong trabaho?
By the way, what’s your job?