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Section 10 to 12 - Meeting People (phrases)

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Asa ka man paingon?
Where are you going?
Asa man sila paingon?
Where are they going?
Asa kamo paingon?
Where are you going?
Asa kita paingon?
Where are we going?
Asa man paingon ang imong mga higala?
Where are your friends going?
Asa man paingon sila si Jun?
Where are Jun and the others going?
sa eskwelahan
to school
sa merkado
to the market
sa Cebu
to Cebu
sa simbahan
to church
mopauli na
back home
Asa ang imong higala?
Where’s your friend?
Asa si Juan?
Where’s Juan?
Asa siya?
Where’s he/she?
Asa man ang pagkaon?
Where’s the food?
Asa man ang libro?
Where’s the book?
Asa man ang mga estudyante?
Where are the students?
Asa man sila?
Where are they?
naa sa iyang kwarto
in his room
tua sa klase
in class
wala dinhi
he’s not here
gilakaw na
he’s left
naa sa lamesa
on the table
tua sa garahe
at the garage
Asa ka gikan?
Where have you been?
Asa gikan sila si Pedro ug Juan?
Where have Pedro and Juan been?
sa merkado
from the market
sa eskwelahan
from the school
dinha lang
just there
sa sinihan
from the theater
sa Davao
from Davao