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He carries the heavy box.
The heavy box is carried by him.
My mother wants me to go to bed early.
I am wanted to go to bed early by my mother.
They are building a new road.
A new road is being built by them.
Ali painted the door white.
The door was painted white by Ali.
Somebody found the cat under the bed.
The cat was found under the bed.
They saw the train coming.
The train was seen coming by them.
They appointed him governor.
He was appointed governor.
My father found the thief sleeping.
The thief was found sleeping by my father.
My mother has cooked the potatoes.
Potatoes have been cooked by my mother.
They will bring a glass of water.
A glass of water will be brought by them.
Ali can open the door.
The door can be opened by Ali.
Everybody can learn English in our school.
English can be learnt in our school.
The child must drink the milk.
The milk must be drunk by the child.
The cat may eat the meat.
The meat may be eaten by the cat.
Ali told me the story yesterday. (1)
I was told the story by Ali yesterday.
Ali told me the story yesterday. (2)
The story was told me by Ali yesterday.