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Who did Stalin lie to about Lenin's funeral so they could not attend?
Brilliant speaker and writer
Which two talents did Trotsky have that Stalin lacked?
World Revolution'
Instead of building up communism in the USSR, what was the name given to Trotsky's idea of spreading it around the World?
What had happened to all books, newspapers and films after the Bolshevik Revolution?
What did Stalin have altered to make him seem close to Lenin?
Trotsky, Zinoviev & Kamenev
Which 3 rivals did Stalin dismiss from the Politburo?
What was the name of the secret police under Stalin?
Communist Party
Which was the only political party allowed to take part in elections to the Supreme Soviet?
Sergei Kirov
Which popular communist was murdered in 1934?
The purges
Stalin's wave of arrests, punishments of hard labour or execution to get rid of enemies was known as?