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Botch up
[phrasal verb] a piece of work or a job that has been done badly
Dash sth off
[phrasal verb] to write or draw something very quickly
Dawn on sb
[phrasal verb] you begin to realize it for the first time
Stave sth off
[phrasal verb] to prevent something bad from affecting you for a period of time; to delay something
Put sth about
[phrasal verb] to tell a lot of people news, information, etc. that may be false
Close in
[phrasal verb] when the days ______, they become gradually shorter during the autumn/fall; when the night _____, it gets darker
Set in
[phrasal verb] (of rain, bad weather, infection, etc.) to begin and seem likely to continue
Weigh sb up
[phrasal verb] to form an opinion of somebody by watching or talking to them
Flesh sth out
[phrasal verb] to add more information or details to a plan, an argument, etc.
Hem sb in
[phrasal verb] to surround somebody/something so that they cannot move or grow easily
Nod off
[phrasal verb] (informal) to fall asleep for a short time while you are sitting in a chair
Slip up
[phrasal verb] to make a mistake
Wolf down
[phrasal verb] to eat food very quickly, especially by putting a lot of it in your mouth at once
Pack it in
[phrasal verb] (informal) to stop doing something
Press on
[phrasal verb] to continue doing something in a determined way; to hurry forward