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Wouldn't be seen dead
[idiom] (informal) used to say that you would not like to wear particular clothes, or to be in a particular situation
Raise the alarm
[idiom] to make ​people ​understand the ​danger of something
Hard of hearing
[idiom] not able to hear well
Strike it lucky
[idiom] to suddenly have a lot of unexpected luck
Abide by something
[idiom] to accept or obey an agreement, decision, rule, etc
Can't abide sb/sth
[idiom] If you ___ someone or something, you dislike them very much
Memory like a sieve
[idiom] If you have a memory or mind like a ___, you forget things very easily
A chip off the old block
[idiom] someone who is very similar in character to their father or mother
All and sundry
[idiom] (informal) everyone, not just a few special people
Slip a mickey
[idiom] A term used to refer to put a sleeping pill in one's beverage
In tandem
[idiom] a thing that works or happens in tandem with something else works together with it or happens at the same time as it
Wax lyrical
[idiom] Talk in a highly enthusiastic and effusive way