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Ja imet kompjuter.
I have a computer.
Ja ne pit voda.
I am not drinking water.
Ja čitat kniga.
I am reading a book.
Ti pit mleko.
You drink milk.
Ti ne razumet nemečski.
You do not understand German.
Ti čitat gazeta.
You are reading the newspaper.
On jedat jabloko.
He eats an apple.
On ne jest amerikanski.
He is not American.
On imet kot.
He has a cat.
Ona govorit anglijski.
She speaks English.
Ona ne videt ptica.
She does not see a bird.
Ona imet pes.
She has a dog.
Ono jest dobri.
It is good.
Ono ne jest avto.
It is not a car.
Mi ne razumet.
We do not understand.
Vi ljubit piti čaj.
You all like to drink tea.
Oni slišat dete.
They hear a child.