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Nature I

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Natur (f)
Äerd (f)
Bierg, Bierger (m)
mountain, mountains
Bam, Beem (m)
tree, trees
Wand, Wënn* (m)
wind, winds
Feier, Feieren (f)
fire, fires
Blumm, Blummen (f)
flower, flowers
Loft (f)
Mier, Mierer (n)
sea, seas
Ozean*, Ozeanen/Ozeaner (m)
ocean, oceans
Himmel, Himmelen (m)
sky, skies
Sonn*, Sonnen (f)
sun, suns
Stär, Stären (m)
star, stars
Liewen, Liewen (n)
life, lives