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Kierper, Kierperen (m)
body, bodies
Kapp, Käpp (m)
head, heads
Hoer, Hoer (n)
hair, hairs
Ouer, Oueren (n)
ear, ears
Nues, Nuesen (f)
nose, noses
Mond, Mënner (m)
mouth, mouths
Zant, Zänn (m)
tooth, teeth
Hals, Häls (m)
neck, necks
Aarm, Äerm (m)
arm, arms
Hand, Hänn* (f)
hand, hands
Fanger, Fanger/Fangeren (m)
finger, fingers
Schëller, Schëlleren (f)
shoulder, shoulders
Réck, Récker (m)
back, backs
Broscht, Brëscht (f)
chest, chests
Mo, Mee (m)
stomach, stomachs
Häerz, Häerzer (n)
heart, hearts
Been, Been (n)
leg, legs
Haut, Hait (f)
skin, skins
Fouss, Féiss (m)
foot, feet
Blutt (n)
Gesiicht, Gesiichter (n)
face, faces