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Plang, Plangen/Pläng (m)
plan, plans
Produit, Produiten (m)
product, products
Schéier, Schéieren (f)
Saach, Saachen (f)
thing, things
Katalog, Katalogen/Kataloger (m)
catalogue, catalogues
Buedem, Biedem (m)
floor, floors
Accessoire, Accessoiren (m)
accessory, accessories
Stéck, Stécker (n)
piece, pieces
Pak, Päck (m)
packet, packets
Cadeau, Cadeauen (m)
gift, gifts
Gefier, Gefierer (n)
vehicle, vehicles
Avion, Avionen (m)
airplane, airplanes
Geschir (n)
Briquet, Briqueten (m)
lighter, lighters