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Communication I

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Kommunikatioun, Kommunikatiounen (f)
communication, communications
Ruffen, Geruff
to call
Telefon, Telefonen (m)
telephone, telephones
Handy, Handyen (m)
cell phone, cell phones
Gespréich, Gespréicher (n)
conversation, conversations
Informatioun, Informatiounen (f)
Computer, Computeren (m)
computer, computers
Moniteur, Moniteuren (m)
monitor, monitors
Clavier, Clavieren (m)
keyboard, keyboards
Kabel, Kabelen (m)
cable, cables
Ufänken, Ugefaangen
to start
Press (f)
Neiegkeet, Neiegkeeten (f)
Artikel, Artikelen (m)
article, articles
Interview, Interviewen (m)
interview, interviews
Zeitung, Zeitungen (f)
newspaper, newspapers
Zäitschrëft, Zäitschrëften (f)
magazine, magazines
Dialog, Dialogen/Dialoger (m)
dialogue, dialogues
Medien (pl.)
Sendung, Sendungen (f)
broadcast, broadcasts
Ried, Rieden (f)
speech, speeches