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Adress, Adressen (f)
address, addresses
Begréissung, Begréissungen (f)
greeting, greetings
Bréifkëscht, Bréifkëschten (f)
mailbox, mailboxes
Post (f)
post office
Courrier (m)
Postkaart, Postkaarten (f)
postcard, postcards
Timber, Timberen (m)
stamp, stamps
Uried, Urieden (f)
salutation, salutations
Grouss, Gréiss (m)
greeting, greetings
Notiz, Notizen (f)
note, notes
Postleitzuel, Postleitzuelen (f)
zip code, zip codes
Senden, Gesent
to broadcast
Thema, Themaen/Themen (m, n)
theme, themes
Bestätegung, Bestätegungen (f)
confirmation, confirmations
Verëffentlechen, Verëffentlecht
to publish