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Internet (m)
Site, Sitten (m)
site, sites
Säit, Säiten (f)
page, pages
Internetsite, Internetsitten (m)
website, websites
Internetsäit, Internetsäiten (f)
webpage, webpages
Sich, Sichen (f)
search, searches
Foto, Fotoen (f)
photo, photos
Netz, Netzer (n)
network, networks
Sichmaschinn, Sichmaschinnen (f)
search engine, search engines
Schécken, Geschéckt
to send
E-Mail, E-Mailen (m, f)
email, emails
Profil, Profillen/Profiller (m)
profile, profiles
Drécken, Gedréckt
to print
Aktualiséieren, Aktualiséiert
to update
Commentaire, Commentairen (m)
comment, comments
Passwuert, Passwierder (n)
password, passwords
Programm, Programmen/Programmer (m)
program, programs
Bild, Bilder (n)
image, images