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Organisatioun, Organisatiounen (f)
organization, organizations
Firma, Firmaen (f)
company, companies
Fabrick, Fabricken (f)
factory, factories
Büro, Büroen (m)
office, offices
Besëtzer, Besëtzer (m)
owner, owners
Aktie, Aktien (f)
share, shares
Bidden, Gebueden
to offer
Lounen, Gelount
to rent
Bestellung, Bestellungen (f)
order, orders
Kolleeg, Kolleegen (m)
colleague, colleagues
Consultatioun, Consultatiounen (f)
consultation, consultations
Projet, Projeten (m)
project, projects
Kompetitioun, Kompetitiounen (f)
competition, competitions
Dokument, Dokumenter (n)
document, documents
Loyer, Loyeren (m)
rent, rents
Wäert, Wäerter (m)
worth, worths
Gewënn, Gewënner (m)
profit, profits
Handel (m)
Verbraucher, Verbraucher (m)
customer, customers
Keefer, Keefer (m)
buyer, buyers
Job, Jobben (m)
job, jobs
Applikatioun, Applikatiounen (f)
application, applications
Carrière, Carrièren (f)
career, careers