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Rubrik, Rubricken (f)
category, categories
Verglach, Vergläicher (m)
comparison, comparisons
Anlag, Anlagen (f)
investment, investments
System, Systemer (m)
system, systems
Beispill, Beispiller (n)
example, examples
Perte, Perten (f)
loss, losses
Inhalt, Inhalter (m)
content, contents
Erëffnung, Erëffnungen (f)
opening, openings
Abschnitt, Abschnitter (m)
section, sections
Entrée (m, f)
Moyenne, Moyennen (f)
average, averages
Reparatioun, Reparatiounen (f)
repair, repairs
Undeel, Undeeler
share, shares
Editioun, Editiounen (f)
edition, editions
Ereegnes, Ereegnesser (n)
event, events
Rescht (m)
Vitess, Vitessen (f)
speed, speeds
Engagement, Engagementer (m, n)
commitment, commitments
Traditioun, Traditiounen (f)
tradition, traditions
Agence, Agencen (f)
agency, agencies
Niveau, Niveauen (m)
level, levels
Surface, Surfacen (f)
surface, surfaces
Ëmfang (m)
Virtrag, Virträg (m)
lecture, lectures (m)
Gewalt (f)
Qualifikatioun, Qualifikatiounen (f)
qualification, qualifications
Matière, Matièren (f)
material, materials
Ronn, Ronnen (f)
round, rounds
Ëmgang (m)
Approche, Approchen (f)
approach, approaches
Agang, Agäng (m)
entrance, entrances
Conclusioun, Conclusiounen (f)
conclusion, conclusions
Collaboratioun (f)
Show, Showen (f)
show, shows
Symbol, Symboler (m, n)
symbol, symbols
Mediatioun, Mediatiounen (f)
mediation, mediations
Fall, Fäll (m)
case, cases