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Beruff, Beruffer (m)
profession, professions
Dokter, Dokteren (m)
doctor, doctors
Bäcker, Bäcker/Bäckeren (m)
baker, bakers
Kach, Käch (m)
cook, cooks
Student, Studenten (m)
student, students
Schüler, Schüler (m)
pupil, pupils
Léierin, Léierinnen (f)
teacher, teachers
Enseignant, Enseignanten (m)
teacher, teachers
Gerant, Geranten (m)
manager, managers
Salarié, Salariéen (m)
employee, employees
Mataarbechter, Mataarbechter (m)
co-worker, co-workers
Händler, Händler (m)
dealer, dealers
Buergermeeschter, Buergermeeschteren (m)
mayor, mayors
Meeschter, Meeschter (m)
master, master
Senior, Senioren (m)
senior citizen, senior citizens
Auteur, Auteuren (m)
author, authors
Trainer, Traineren (m)
coach, coaches
Chef, Cheffen (m)
boss, bosses
Architekt, Architekten (f)
architect, architects
Vendeur, Vendeuren (m)
seller, sellers
Zerwiss, Zerwisser (m)
service, services
Chauffer, Chaufferen (m)
driver, drivers
Pompjee, Pompjeeën (m)
firefighter, firefighters
Bauer, Baueren (m)
farmer, farners