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King John
John turns over England to the Pope.
Richard II
Henry Bolingbroke deposes King Richard and becomes King Henry IV.
Henry IV, Part 1
Henry wonders why his son can’t be more like that nice Hotspur boy, until Hotspur rebels against the king.
Henry IV, Part 2
Henry’s son Hal continues to act up, and rebels still threaten the throne, but Hal comes out all right in the end and becomes King Henry V.
Henry V
Henry invades France.
Henry VI, Part 1
Joan of Arc leads the French army against England. The Houses of York and Lancaster start a spat that lasts through the next three plays.
Henry VI, Part 2
Peasants and the House of York rebel against King Henry.
Henry VI, Part 3
The House of York deposes King Henry, despite help from France. Edward, son of the Duke of York, takes the throne as King Edward IV.
Richard III
Edward’s brother, Richard, kills everyone in his way and seizes the throne, only to lose it and his life.
Henry VIII
King Henry divorces his wife, starts a new church, remarries, and fathers a daughter who becomes Queen Elizabeth I.